Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pizza and Doughnuts

As soon as I commit to eating healthy food, and dropping some weight, it seems like incredibly unhealthy (and delicious) food appears everywhere for the taking. And, as expected, it happened today. I'm a couple days into my new healthy self plan and doughnuts appear at my morning meeting. I'm trying to practice moderation without completely depriving myself of sweets (and really, who can resist free doughnuts). So, I ate half of a wonderful doughnut. Then, a couple hours later a lunch hour seminar with pizza, cookies, and soda. I took a slice of veggie (not particularly healthy, but not so bad either), and drank my water. Fast forward a couple hours, and birthday cake appears (I passed on the cake). It's no wonder the pounds have been creeping on with such an overabundance of free food. The day is not over yet, but at least today I think I hit on a good balance of enjoying some treats without totally blowing my diet. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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