Monday, September 17, 2012

Friend Makin' Monday: Blog Stuff

Happy Monday Everyone! On Monday Kenlie over at All the Weigh hosts Friend Makin' Monday. How does it work? She posts questions on her blog. You answer them on your own blog, and then post a link at on All the Weigh. So, here are my answers. If you want to participate answer these questions on your own blog, and post the link in the comments of Kenlie's blog.

Blog Stuff

1.  Have you ever met anyone through your blog that led to an in-person friendship/relationship? Not yet, but my blog is only a couple months old.
2.  Most bloggers have a specific niche.  What would you discuss if it didn’t seem inappropriate on your blog? Science. I'm a huge nerd, and as I biochemist I spend the majority of my time thinking about science. Sometimes I blog about journal articles I read about weight loss. I should probably do more of that. It's amazing how many diet and fitness myths people continue to believe even after they have been thoroughly debunked by multiple scientific studies.
3. If you could meet three bloggers, who would they be? That's a tough one. I really like the Weighty Matters blog by physician Yoni Freedhoff. He blogs about nutrition and I always appreciate his balanced, realistic views, based on good science. I also really like 700 Pounds is as Bad as it Sounds. He has a great writing style, and I like his determination for what will be a long weight loss journey. Lisa Eirene's blog over at 110 Pounds and Counting is also great. I like to read the perspective of someone who has been so successful in weight loss. So, those would be my three picks.
4. If you had to choose between Facebook or Twitter which one would you choose?  Facebook. I don't use twitter at all. I don't use Facebook much either. I probably should. It would be good for my blog.
5. Do you vlog (video blog?) Nope. I find it much easier to write than to prepare a video. And, honestly, I prefer reading blog posts over watching vlogs.
6. How many blogs do you read on an average day? It depends. I have a long bloglist of blogs I try to read, and usually check out most of the new posts every day. I try to comment on as many as I can.
7.  What is the coolest thing that you’ve seen online recently? This is a tough one too. If there are any other science grad students out there I LOVE this. As far as weight loss blogging goes. I really liked this post at Fit to the Finish. And, this post at Weighty Matters.
8. If you gave your blog a new name what would it be? My blog is rather new, so I haven't had time to think of better names yet. Any suggestions?
9. Have you ever attended a blog conference like Fitbloggin?  If not, would you? Nope. It sounds like fun, but I don't know if I can justify taking the time away from my real job to attend.
10. In the past I have asked why you blog.  Now I want to know why you read blogs?  What do you take from it? I am inspired by the success of other bloggers. And, I get great ideas from them too. Most of my healthy recipes are adapted from blogs I read.


  1. Great answers! I really like the name of your blog :D

  2. I like the name of your blog too. It's fitting for the moment and for your niche. Stick with it.

    Sabrina, stopping by from FMM!

  3. Your blog name is awesome, and you are awesome! The fact that you actually think I have a great writing style makes me wonder if your a little bit crazy or not, but hey, crazy people are can be awesome too! :)

  4. All right. I'm 3 for 3 so far. Everyone likes the name, so I guess I'll stick with it. ;-)

  5. I haven't meet any other bloggers yet either, but would love to some day. I kind of feel like I have a whole bunch of imaginary friends right now.

  6. I'm a weight loss blogging newbie too! I love your blog name, it's a keeper!