Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 9 Weigh In

Prevent Yo-Yo Dieting by o5com, on Flickr

Previous Week's Weight =169.8 lbs
Today's Weight = 169.6 lbs
Lost This Week= 0.2 lbs
Total Lost = 10.4 lbs

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I didn't lose much weight this week, but I'm down 0.2 lbs, so I'm going in the right direction. I'll take it, and hope for more next week. I did OK with my eating and calorie counting this week, but there were a few major exceptions. I spent last Saturday at the State Fair eating junk. Less than I normally would have, but more than I  needed. Sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself, and I did (If you haven't had it before, chocolate covered bacon is delicious). I also had two work dinners at restaurants this week (who don't have nutrition information available). The food was wonderful, and the restaurants were much nicer than where I can typically eat on my grad school budget. I tried to make healthier selections from the menu, but I probably went a bit over my 2,000 calorie limit because I didn't know what was in the food. This week's goal: stay under my calorie limit every day (even with the labor day weekend BBQ coming up today).

Exercise was great this week. The weather has been perfect here. It's cooled down just a bit, and is now perfect for being outside. I got in 3 tennis matches, 1 kickball game, and 2 weight training sessions. I'm really starting to enjoy strength training, and I think I'm starting to see some triceps. If I keep this going I'll be super buff in no time. And, ballet classes start again this week after a break. It will be really nice to dance again, I was really starting to miss it.

It's a new month, so it's time to set some September goals.  I haven't spent as much time in the pool lately as I would like. So, September's goal is to swim at least 10 miles this month. Also, I'm only 0.3 lbs away from a healthy BMI. By the end of the month I will no longer be overweight. My goal is to lose at least 2 lbs this month.

Happy Saturday everyone! And, enjoy the long weekend (if your in the States)!

What are you September fitness and weigh loss goals?


  1. Hello, keep up with the good work! I myself am trying to reach a 60 lb weight loss and I am halfway there! I would love to get support from you and if you could follow me that would be great =) Thank you and good luck!!

  2. Amazing job. You should be so proud of yourself for allowing yourself to enjoy all the finer food in life (hello fair!) and still moving downward. Fabulous!