Friday, July 13, 2012

Curried Spinach and Chickpeas

Today I thought I'd share one of my favorite recipes with you. I made this for dinner last night. It's super healthy and tastes great! It is good as a side dish or as a meal all by itself. It goes well with chicken or shrimp. Yum! Adapted from the Sparrow. Enjoy!


1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 large onion (chopped)
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons curry powder (or to taste)
1 cup chicken stock

15oz can chickpeas (rinse and drain)
16 oz frozen spinach (thawed)

  1. Saute onions in olive oil.
  2. Stir in honey and curry powder.
  3. Add chicken stock, chick peas and spinach.
  4. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

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